4 Things Your Bikini Waxer Wants You to Know

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The average woman will spend over $10,000 on hair removal over the course of her life. Based on that number, we know that women take the hair removal process very seriously.

One of the most commonly used and cost-effective methods of hair removal is a bikini wax. Many women want to make the change to this easier method of hair removal since they don’t have to do it nearly as often as shaving, but it can be daunting to go get a bikini wax for the first time when you don’t know the basics or body waxing 101.

If you’re dying to get a bikini wax but are scared of what you don’t know, this article about waxing tips is for you. Let’s look at what you need to know before your waxing appointment so that you can get the best Brazilian wax, bikini wax, or facial wax possible.

1. You Don’t Need to Trim Before Your Bikini Waxing Appointment.

If you trim or shave before your waxing appointment, there won’t be enough hair for the wax to grab on to. A lot of women wonder “how long does my body hair need to be in order for wax to work?”

For the best results, you should let your hair grow to the length of a grain of rice and then book an appointment. That should set you up to have a waxing appointment about every four to six weeks.

This rule applies to all kinds of wax treatments including arm wax, leg wax, and under arm wax. You might be worried that your stubble will start to show under your arms in that time, but one of the benefits of body waxing is that it removes hair from the root. It will be quite some time before your hair is visible again. And then you just go get another wax!

2. You Can Get a Wax On Your Period

Some women are tempted to cancel their bikini wax appointment when they’re on their period. But all this does is throw off their waxing schedule.

You can still go to your appointment on your period. Waxing specialists have seen it all. Simply come in with a fresh tampon, and take a pain killer to deal with any extra sensitivity.

3. You Can Book Multiple Kinds of Waxing

Waxing isn’t just for the bikini line during the summer. So, during those winter months, consider continuing to support your local waxing business with another service. An eye brow wax is a great option for maintaining the shape and cleanliness of eyebrows.

4. Shower and Exfoliate 

This is one of the most important tips for waxing. It isn’t necessarily for cleanliness reasons. You’ll be provided a wipe at your waxing appointment.

However, the shower is the best place to exfoliate dead skin. Doing this 12-24 hours before you go to get waxed will give you the best results. Use a natural exfoliant in the opposite direction of hair growth. It’ll prevent ingrown hairs, and your skin will feel amazing!

You Just Passed Body Waxing 101!

With these four tips, you now have passed body waxing 101. You know everything you need to know before your first time trying one of the most effective body hair solutions. Don’t trim. Do exfoliate. Wax anywhere. And come in on your period!

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