5 Ways to Quench the Thirst of Dehydrated or Dry Skin

dry, damaged skin on a person's face

With winter approaching, we have holiday cheer and family reunions to anticipate. But, for some, wintertime also means getting ready to deal with dehydrated and dry skin. If you’ve experienced one of these skin problems, then you know how painful these conditions can be.

At Alux Spalon, we make it our mission to help soothe your skin problems so you can focus on enjoying this holiday season. That’s why in this article, we cover five skincare tips to help combat dehydrated and dry skin.

Read on to learn how to take on your dry skin issues this winter season! 

1. Rethink How You Shower 

Your showering habits could be drying out your skin, especially in the wintertime. Showering habits like using hot water and taking long showers are known to dry out the skin. The general recommendation is to take five to ten-minute showers with lukewarm water. 

2. Nail Down Your Skin Type 

Your current skincare routine may be drying out your skin because it’s wrong for your skin type. This is simply because the same skincare routine won’t work for everyone because we all have different skin.

To make sure you are best taking care of your skin, you should nail down your skin type. This way, you’ll be able to plan the best skincare routine for you. 

3. Invest in a Humidifier 

By investing in a quality humidifier, you’ll be able to replenish the humidity levels in the air of your living space. This, in turn, provides your skin with the moisture it needs, especially in the driest of climates and seasons. But, although helpful, a humidifier won’t replace your skincare routine. 

4. Use a Gentle Facial and Body Cleanser 

Cleansing your face and body too frequently is known to strip the natural barriers of your skin, leading to dry patches and skin irritation. The general recommendation is to wash your face twice a day, once in the morning and once at night, and to use a gentle, non-soap cleanser. You want to use a non-sudsy cleanser for both your face and body because the surfactants that make these cleaners bubbly can worse dehydrated and dry skin issues. 

5. Treat Yourself to a Hydration Facial 

At Alux Spalon, we offer hydration facials that are designed to moisturize and heal your skin on a deeper level than other facials. We use special products that go deeper and target your specific skin problems better than your standard products. After your hydration facial, you’ll be able to notice rejuvenated glowing skin as a result of the removal of dead skin and hydration of your underlying skin.  

Combat Dry Skin With Alux Spalon 

If you’re suffering from dehydrated or dry skin, then book an appointment with one of our team members today! Moisturize your skin with a hydration facial, or enjoy one of our many facial services. Let us help you with your skin issues so that you can focus on enjoying the holidays this winter season. 

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