6 Ear Piercing Care Mistakes You’re Probably Making

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Getting your ears pierced can be an unspoken rite of passage for girls. This means you have now entered a new level in the accessory world full of opportunity and style. Earrings can be used as a statement piece, to show your personality, to fit in, or to make someone feel beautiful. 

“Women should never go without earrings. Passing on them is an opportunity missed,” Jennifer Lopez.

Taking care of those newly pierced ears comes with a responsibility to make sure your piercing is properly cared for. Here are six common ear piercing care mistakes that most people make when it comes to ear piercing care. 

Piercing Guns vs. Needles 

By opting for places that use piercing guns, you are potentially opening your new ear piercing up to infection right away. Most places that use piercing guns provide very limited training and lack education in sterilization. 

Sterilization of the piercing gun is always a concern. The mount should be disinfected before and after every use and the cartridge is required to be disposed of. 

Always opt for an experienced piercer that uses needles in a clean and safe environment. This doesn’t mean that you can only find them in tattoo shops; nowadays many places will hire professional piercers. 

Dirty Hands Cause Infection

In the age of Covid, we have learned all of the benefits of cleaning our hands before doing anything. This also counts with fresh piercings.

Do not touch your new piercing without clean hands so that germs will not transfer and cause infection.  

Be Careful with Hair Products 

We are not saying that you can’t style your hair until it heals, but be careful when using your hair products around your new piercing.

Products like dry shampoos, hairspray, shampoo, and conditioner can easily infect your new piercing. Make sure you clean it thoroughly after you wash or style your hair! 

Cleaning Solutions are Important 

Your piercer will hopefully provide you with a salt-based cleaning solution. You must use it twice daily with a clean cotton ball or as directed.

On the off chance you do not get anything, then avoid using hydrogen peroxide or alcohol, as these products can cause your piercing to dry out faster. 

Removing Them At the Wrong Time 

Removing your ear piercing too early can cause issues for your new jewels. We understand it is exciting to change it right away, but there is a healing process and you should abide by it. 

Generally, ear piercings need about six months to heal. During those six months, you might feel some swelling or soreness, especially after sleeping, but this is normal. It will eventually go away, so fight that urge to remove them or they might close up!

Picking the Right Material 

Finally, the wait is over and you can change your piercing. By opting for cheaper earrings, you could find yourself having an allergic reaction.

Check the material of the earring before purchasing. 

Book an Appointment for Ear Piercing

Now that you know what to avoid, you are ready to get your ear piercing! Remember that if you care for your piercings, then they will thank you and you will be able to wear stylish earrings in no time.

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