Benefits of Hot Stone Massage

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Tight muscles, work stress… these are only a few indications that you need a break.

Engaging in self-care is one of society’s most underrated activities. But after a long week of work, dialing down is essential.

However, the benefits don’t stop at tranquility. For some, the benefits of hot stone massage can be even more transformative than that.

From cardiovascular health to sleeping disorders, hot stone massage can provide numerous potent health benefits.

So keep reading to read about the benefits of hot stone massage. Afterward, you’ll be racing to your first appointment.

Muscle and Joint Relief

The heat from hot stone is great for relieving tension and pain in muscles. That’s because heat encourages more blood flow to the area the stone is applied to.

But if you’re taking a hot stone massage for more intense muscle tension, let your masseuse know. They may adjust their methods, maybe switching between hot and cold stones to target inflammation. Speak to the professional working at your appointment beforehand to discuss any concerns.

This is great for people that suffer from certain chronic pain conditions. While they may not be able to have a massage every day, regular appointments can at least provide a dedicated period of relief.

Stress Management

The health benefits of massage extend to mental health too. Getting your muscles relaxed is a great way to destress in and of itself. You’ll experience less pain and discomfort after the appointment.

Aromatherapy and music are also great at easing your anxieties during your appointment. Lavender, chamomile, and jasmine essential oils can all be used for therapeutic effects.

In fact, massage can also improve cardiovascular health, reducing the risk of stroke. So if you’re constantly stressed, then regular massages might be ideal.

Better Sleep

Insomnia can be incredibly debilitating for one’s ability to function in everyday life. If you’re not sleeping well, it’s hard to have the energy and focus to do work or even perform basic errands.

Intense cases may need dedicated medical treatment. But the benefits of massage can be used in conjunction with medically prescribed treatments. By destressing yourself and your muscles, you’ll be more likely to sleep like a baby.

Not only that, but massage can also provide better sleep, regardless of whether you’re suffering from insomnia or not. In particular, massage may improve restorative sleep. Restorative sleep is known to make people wake up more alert, positive, and better-energized.

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If you’re interested in a massage, there’s a chance you need therapeutic relief. Choosing hot stone massage as your therapy of choice will give you pure luxury and relaxation in a single hour or two.

At Alux Spalon, we understand how essential self-care is. That’s why we provide numerous therapeutic and cosmetic services including hot stone massage. If we have what you’re looking for, contact us today to get started!

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