Cool Hairstyles for Hot Summer Days

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Today’s summer hairstyles fall in different categories. Be bold and discover the ticket to easy summer hair.


With braids, you’ll feel cool and fabulous on a hot day. There are two fantastic ways to rock this hairdo.

The Braided Ponytail

A braided ponytail is a great hairstyle for athletes. To pull off this look, tie a ponytail. Then, carefully weave your hair into braids.

The Braided Crown

This is an elegant hairdo for long hair. To get started, divide your hair into two sections. Next, braid each section individually, and position the braids around your head with bobby pins.


A bun is basically a top knot. If you rock this look, it will keep your neck cool. 

A Slick Bun

This hairstyle will require a styling cream. First, use the cream on your hair. Then, pull your hair back, and tie it into a ponytail. Finally, twist the strands clockwise in the shape of a bun.

The Twisted Top Knot

A twisted top knot is easy to pull off. You can incorporate it with any hairstyle. To begin, pull your hair up with styling gel and a brush. Next, tie it into a ponytail, and secure it with a firm rubber band. Then, grab your hair and twist it into a bun.


A ponytail is a practical, fun hairdo. Here are two hairdos you can rock in the summer.

A Bubble Ponytail

This particular ponytail is easy to master. It’s a variation of a basic ponytail with bigger braids, and you can hang it high or low.

A Low Ponytail with an Accessory

If you’re a ponytail fan, you’ll adore this look. To achieve it, create a ponytail and tie it with a scrunchie, a designer pin, or a colorful hair clip.

4 Great Hot Weather Hair Hacks

If you want to stay cool with a fantastic hairdo, use these hacks.

Dry Your Hair with Wind Power 

If you wash your hair on a hot day, step outdoors and air dry it. The natural sunlight will make your hair luscious and strong.

No Extensions

Hair extensions restrict air flow, so you should only wear them occasionally during the summer. Your hair will feel lighter without extensions, and you’ll feel cooler because more air will flow to your scalp. 

Phase Out Oily Haircare Products

Humidity can dry out your hair, and oils can intensity the problem. If you must use oils to style your hair, buy light, airy products.

Battle Humidity in Style

You can counteract the effects of high heat with humidity blockers. They’re included in most haircare products.

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