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Keratin is often something that is brought up in salons and spa’s. Most of the time it’s something we don’t really know a lot about but we still nod our heads in agreement. However the possibilities of keratin should not be ignored.

Keratin is a type of protein that makes up large amounts of your body, for example your hair, skin and nails, all things that need to be healthily maintained! However, keratin can also be found within the body in places like organs and glands, basically proving the vital functionality it holds. Keratin is no normal protein however, it is a protective protein which does what it sounds like, protects! This specific protein is more resistant to common forms of damage that we endure on a daily, meaning more of it, equals stronger skin, hair and nails!

So where does it come from? Well keratin is a natural resource derived from feathers, horns and wool of different kinds of animals, and has been altered so that it may be functional in our lives and implemented to help supplement things like our hair!

So how does keratin actually help when it comes to our services with the product?

Through multiple uses and proper application, it has been noted that keratin in conjunction with hair results in the smoothing of hair and an easier management of your hair. The effects of keratin vary depending on variables such as the health condition of your hair before the treatment or the thickness of your hair, and even the kind of treatment that is undergone.

Keratin acts as a smoother for the cells that overlap and form your hair strands, and is theoretically absorbed by your hair cuticles resulting in a more fuller and glossy look! Not only that, but there have also been cases that result in curly hair becoming less frizzy, easier to style and straighter in it’s appearance, allowing for more management of the notorious curls!

When it comes to the application of keratin, it is a time-intensive process with a few steps, however these necessary steps and investments are well worth the time due to the amazing results!

How it works-  A cream is applied to your hair and then blow-dried and straightened to help compact the cells in your hair strands in preparation for the keratin application. Next in the process is to keep your hair dry for several days as a prepping for the keratin. When you next visit the salon, your hair will be washed out and a second treatment is applied to “set” the straightening effect and your hair cuticles will absorb what they can and result in a fuller smoother head of hair! Generally these treatments will have a lasting effect of around 12 weeks!

Give us a call or schedule an appointment online and let’s get your hair to that silky smooth style you have always wanted!

Important note about the treatment: Keratin treatments tend to involve large quantities of formaldehyde and strong fumes and thus should be avoided by pregnant women and people with a sensitivity to the chemical or respiratory problems.

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