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Perms: What you need to know

Right now, curly hair is all the rage. All the naturally curly headed girls are extremely blessed to have their bouncy ringlets or loose beachy waves, but what about those of us who have straight hair? There’s an option for us too!


It’s called the perm. Yes, the perm. You may remember your mom showing you pictures of a crazy wild head of curls complete with her 1980’s windbreaker and blue eyeshadow and think that the perm is certainly not for you but bear with us! We might just change your mind!


So, what exactly is a perm? A perm, also known as a permanent, is a process of chemicals and rods that shape the hair into curls that last much longer than typical hot iron or overnight curls. Instead of falling out at the end of the night, perm curls can last several months if maintained correctly! The hairstylist will wrap your hair around rods that will sit on your head. She will then apply the perm lotion to set the shape. After the required amount of time has passed, your hair will be rinsed and hit with a neutralizer to stop the perming process. It’s a fairly non-invasive process that changes the chemical makeup of your hair just enough to let it hold its shape!


During the 80’s, this process was done with a specific size of rod that created those iconic curls of the decade. Now, the perm is coming back, but with all sorts of different sizes available! Depending on the style that you’re going for, your stylist can tailor your perm to you. Modern perms can create any look from beachy waves to full on curly top! The choice is yours.


If you decide to jump on the trend and get a perm, here are some things you should know about the maintenance so your curls last and look amazing for months!


  1. Moisturize your hair. Curls are so different from straight hair. They need a lot of moisture to maintain their shine, so make sure you invest in a good conditioner!
  2. Do not brush your hair. Brushing out your curls is not a great idea. Not only will they become frizzy, it can make your perm fall out faster. Use a wide tooth comb in the shower instead!
  3. Let your hair airdry. The point of the perm is to allow you to have curls that pop right back into place. Don’t damage your hair or your curls with a hairdryer!
  4. Try not to use rubber bands or typical hair-ties with permed hair. Use silk scrunchies instead!
  5. WAIT to wash your hair! Your stylist will let you know when you are okay to wash your hair after having the process done. Listen to her so your perm doesn’t fall out!

If you’ve been eyeing those gorgeous curls for a while but you just can’t bring yourself to use a curling iron every day, we hope you will consider the modern perm and use our list to make it last and look amazing!

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