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Styling your Natural Hair with Styling Tips For 2020

Working your hairs’ natural beauty

Wearing natural hair can become boring when there are no new sources of inspiration. Due to everyone’s hair being particular and unique, only some hairstyles are appealing and applicable. We have a list of 7 hairstyles that can be incorporated into your routine, and emphasize your hairs natural characteristics!

  1. Ponytail with French twists: 

    A French twist is a simple but effective hairstyle. Adding a ponytail to the equations enhances the glory of the hair. This is a perfect hairstyle for specific occasions and events, simple but elegant.

  2. Twisted bangs with a side ponytail: 

    This is another hairstyle that is suitable for specific outings. Styling your hair like this will allow for easy and controlled movement ensuring a fun time without hair maintenance worries.

  3. Bouncy curls: 

    Your hair can also be styled into bouncy curls for short periods or extended periods. This style involves using rollers, bobby pins, and hair spray, but the time and effort is well worth the results. Bouncy curls add volume and astounding beauty!

  4. Tapered cut: 

    Those with short hair can opt for a multidimensional tapered cut. This hairstyle especially exudes a unique edge. It can be effective for various occasions. The tapered cut does need an extra set of hands though, so coming to Alux Spalon will be crucial in creating this edgy and demanding style!

  5. Messy bun with an edge: 

    A messy bun is a classy hairstyle for those heading out to an event. You can add an edge using a messy bun with a headband. Wrap the headband around the flat portion of the bun to get that unique effect. 

  6. Effortless sleek hairstyle: 

    The effortless sleek hairstyle was designed for functionality, especially for those who do not want their hair in their face at all times. Thus, this style would be great for minimalists or people just looking for a simple hairstyle.

  7. Finger waves: 

    This edgy hairstyle is great for specific occasions as well as extended periods. This hairstyle is better suited for those with short hair, and a desire to command attention and elegance all at once.


Working with your hairs natural characteristics to achieve some new and exciting styles is what Alux Spalon is all about. Make an appointment today and let’s create a look that will emphasize your needs!

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