5 Hacks to Tame Frizzy Hair and Flyaways

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Frizz is natural, and not everyone wants to control their wild manes. Yet, for those that want smooth locks, taming frizzy hair isn’t always easy. If you’ve struggled to fix frizzy hair, keep reading. Learn more about these smooth hair hacks to get frizz and flyaway hair under control.

1. Use Shampoo Designed for Frizzy Hair

Taming frizzy hair starts in the shower. When you wash your hair, choose a sulfate-free shampoo. Using harsh shampoos with sulfates damages hair at the cuticle and causes frizz.

Deeply moisturized hair is the best way to prevent frizz and keep hair smooth and soft. To achieve this, stylists recommend choosing a shampoo that’s not only sulfate-free but contains glycerin. Shampoos that list glycerin as one of the first ingredients hydrate from the inside out by penetrating the hair shaft.

2. Fix Frizzy Hair With Blow-drying Techniques

Do you rush through blow-drying your hair? If you have long, thick hair, blow-drying takes time and is often a pain, but blow drying your hair haphazardly could cause flyaway hair. To prevent frizz, do apply the following blow-drying techniques.

  • Divide the hair into easy-to-manage sections
  • Use a boar’s bristle brush to smooth while blow drying
  • Invest in a hairdryer with a nozzle concentrator
  • Keep the dryer’s hair flow downward to prevent fluff and keep the cuticle flat

3. Use Hair Oil to Smooth Flyaway Hair

Hair oil is another smooth hair hack. Before blow-drying your hair, apply a small amount of lightweight hair oil. To avoid an oily look, use less oil on fine hair. Those with thicker hair can use a little more. Hair oil is also a great hair hack for second-day hair to smooth flyaways and tame frizz. Ask your hairstylist to recommend the right type for your hair.

4. Silk Pillowcases Are the Best Frizzy Hair Hack

While heat and humidity can wreak havoc on your hair, so can your bedding. Most people sleep on cotton pillowcases, which don’t do frizzy hair any favors. Consider switching to silk pillowcases. Silk fabric doesn’t rob your hair of its natural oils. If you’re someone who colors your hair or gets other chemical treatments, your hair must retain as much of its natural oil as possible.

5. Regular Trims Reduce the Chances of Frizzy Hair

If you’re using a frizz-free shampoo and changing your styling habits, but you still find yourself dealing with frizzy hair, ask yourself the following question. How often are you having your hair trimmed? Hairstylists say the number one frizzy hair hack is to get your hair trimmed once every three months. Having split ends snipped every few months keeps your hair smoother and makes it easier to style.

Everyone’s hair is different, which is why you should speak with your stylist about your hair concerns. If you battle frizzy hair or can’t find flyaway hair tips that work for you, have a conversation with your stylist. Keratin treatments and other salon treatments might help you get the style you desire.

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