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5 Wedding Day Nail Colors

Many aspects to weddings are traditional and will not go out of style, others will come and go with the flow of time. Wedding nail colors, hairstyles, and general looks are the big deal in this section. Before you prepare for the big day, you will probably set up a test to try out different styles to make sense of what will fit your style and be the best option for the big day. Here is a list of some popular wedding nail colors.

Light Purple. In case you are getting married in spring or summer, light purple is a great way to add color while keeping things neutral. “Lilac typically has a cool undertone, which is great for light colored skin tones.” According to Tracylee Percival, International nail artist.

Pearlescent. Hoping to keep a subtle, unbiased nail color but still add a bit of pop to your look? It’s your lucky day! There are a lot of color choices out there that include a simple, yet dazzling shine. Percival states “Shimmers have subtle pigments of metallic pigment in them that are great for use on their own or even as an additional coat to your opaque nail color.”

Rose Gold. Rose gold is generally a popular option for weddings. This is due to its power to compliment almost every skin tone. Metallic nails will also go out of their way to make your brand-new wedding ring pop in the most marvelous way.

Light Pink. If you’re looking for a pink tone that is delicate and romantic, try out a light or pastel pink. According to Dave Crisalli, CEO of Prose, “Pastel pink is a beautiful color for all skin with warm undertones and allows the bridal rings and other jewelry to stand out.”

Nude. If you truly can’t decide which color you’d like on your wedding day but have decided that you don’t want clear-coat, choose nude; it’s a classic. It is universal across many skin tones and when it chips or begins to wear off, you can barely tell.

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