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Cold Weather Beauty Essentials

With winter and cooler weather around the corner, here are some easy winter beauty tips to keep yourself at 100.


  • Humidifiers — In the winter there it is drier than normal which means dry, itchy skin and scalp. Using a humidifier throughout your home can give your skin and scalp the moisture it needs.
  • Oatmeal Bath — If you have itchy, red, and cracking skin during those chilly months, try taking an oatmeal bath. By adding oatmeal will help leave a barrier on the skin to add an extra level of protection.
  • Dryer Sheets — With it being so dry, static electricity is the worst. Using a simple dryer sheet and wiping down your hair can get rid of the crazy hairs that fly away.
  • Tanning lotion — Colder months equal longer pants, the tan will eventually fad but if your still wearing skirts or dresses for those special occasions. Tanning lotion can help you achieve that, and will the bonus of the added moisture for your legs!
  • Aspirin — Crushing up aspirin and mixing it in with shampoo will help prevent buildup from hair products, but can also exfoliate your scalp, and will prevent dandruff. Who knew aspirin had so many uses?


Whether you are hitting the slopes, relaxing by a fire, or soaking in a Jacuzzi, with these tips your skin and hair will look and feel great.

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