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4 Simple Tips for Extending Hair Color

Hair color

A Few Things to Think about to Make Hair Color Last

  • Hair can fade from over washing it, not all shampoo created equal; make sure that you are using ones specially for color treated hair. It will depend on how it is washed too, by extending the time between each wash will help color last longer and make it stronger too. Also, washing your hair with a clarifying shampoo before getting it dyed will also help lengthen the life of the hair and reduce the fading.
  •  Touch-ups are required, no matter how well you take care of your hair, since it grows at about ½ inch a month, you will need to get a touch-up about every 6-8 weeks. If time or money prevents that, pick something closer to your natural hair or try an ombré look to be able to stretch the time between touch ups.
  • Highlights are the easier color treatments to keep up with due to not being an all over color, and not needing to do touch ups as much; in highlighting, you are not able to see the roots as easily, this will help lengthen the times between each salon visit.
  •   Bring a picture with you, doing this it will help the stylist know exactly what color and style your wanting, that way there they understand what you are, wanting.
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