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Pedicure Anyone?

The Health Benefits of Getting a Pedicure

It shouldn’t be a fight to get a pedicure, they feel good. But a pedicure is more than just getting your toes pretty, they have real health benefits to them. 

1.  Infection prevention

Foot health is something that many of us can take for granted, this causes us to put the feet on the bottom of our list. While getting a pedicure the nail techs are able to get in the small spaces of the toes and remove the bacteria that is hiding. They also help with Fungi nail diseases and that unsightly foot odor that comes around sometimes.

2. Exfoliation

Even washing your feet every day doesn’t always get the dead skin rubbed away, sometimes it needs a boost. Getting your skin exfoliated will also help with new cell growth, leaving your feet feel soft and luxurious.

3. Circulatory benefits

Massages can be helpful, while normally it is often in the neck, back and shoulders, we often forget about the feet. Foot massages can help release tension in the feet. Massages help get the blood pumping in your feet, which means that it can help with body heat as well as release the tension that may be occurring the body elsewhere.

4. Making sure the feet are moisturized

Making sure your feet are moisturized is just as important as the rest of the body. Let a pedicure make up for all the time.While using lotion will soften the skin and prevent cracks and blisters. For the people who love to wear open shoes, or walk barefoot, it is very important that they stay moisturized, leaving the foot exposed can lead to the skin drying out faster and causing the skin to crack.

5. Relaxation

It may not prevent infections, or other foot problems, it will help your brain relax. Relaxation is key when getting a pedicure. It should be a stress-free time, and enjoying the moment.

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