The Best Summer Skin Care Tips for Most Skin Types

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The Best Summer Skin Care Tips for Most Skin Types

4 Great Summertime Tips for Most Skin Types

Summertime is upon us, and you might be thinking about “how to take care of my skin in the summer.” Different skin types can sometimes require special care, but there are some tips that apply to almost every skin type. Some of the top summer skin care tips include:

1. Keep Your Body Hydrated

The number one tip for best summer skin care is to drink plenty of water. Drinking water benefits your whole body, your skin being the largest of all your organs. No matter what your size and shape, your dermis – skin – needs to be hydrated to keep it healthy. Summertime calls for this even more, since you will likely be perspiring and loosing moisture at some point.

2. Protect Your Skin From Sunburn

It’s not always easy to prevent sunburn but there are some ways you can incorporate some healthy habits into your summer skin care routine. Before you take one step out your front door, make sure you have sunscreen or sunblock applied everywhere sun can touch. Many brands of makeup incorporate sunscreen in their products, or you can apply makeup and sunscreen or sunblock separately. You might want to use your summer skin-care products all year long.

If sunscreen and sunblock are not your thing, consider how painful it can be to heal sunburn if you did not cover your skin with a protective lotion. Ice rubbed gently on your skin feels soothing on painful sunburn, and taking a cool shower or bath is also one way to take the sting out. There is not a way to really heal sunburn, but you can treat it to make it not so painful. Some people like the feel of aloe gel on sunburn or rubbing the inside of an aloe leaf.

Wear a hat whenever you are outside to keep harmful rays of the sun from your delicate facial skin. A tan is nice, but too much sun can turn your skin leathery and is a contributing factor to skin cancer. Some people favor an umbrella to keep even more sun off of them whether on the beach or strolling about outside. Long sleeves in lightweight fabric can cover your skin and still allow you to be comfortable and stylish.

3. Wash Your Face

Washing your face as often as your skin type will allow helps to keep oil and dirt to a minimum. When summertime beckons, you might find yourself out in the world where there is more dirt and grime floating around than you might usually come in contact with. It’s more important to keep your face clean than it is to pile on products unless it is something that is helpful for your particular skin. Less is usually better when it comes to the best summer skin care.

4. Keep Your Hair Off Your Face

Since you are likely to be sweatier in the summer months than usual, a cute hairstyle that will keep your hair off your face will cut down on sweat and clogged pores. Continue to wash your hair as you normally would to keep it clean and healthy. You might find a style that you want to wear even after summertime is a sweet memory.

Contact Alux Spalon today so we can help you begin your summertime skin routine for healthier and lovelier skin. Almost every type of skin needs special attention during summertime weather, and we can help find the best summer skin care for your skin type.

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